[ The Whale Shark Tour:

A Grand Adventure in Open Water ]

Whale Shark

Tour Description

[ Seasonal May or June to Mid-September ]

Adventure Tour in the Open Ocean with possible long and rough boat rides. *This tour may not be suitable for: the elderly, pregnant women or people with injuries, certain medical conditions or those recovering from recent surgery.

The Whale Shark is one of the giants in the marine world. It moves around large distances looking for plankton and is often found far from shore.

Once we find the zone where the Whale Sharks are feeding for the day, 2 people at a time get in the water with a certified guide and snorkel for periods of about 15 minutes. Anybody wishing to repeat a 2nd or 3rd time is welcome to do so! At the end of this tour, we have the option of either snorkeling at an additional spot OR a relaxing swim at Playa Norte (North Beach), ending with lunch served at our private marina.

*If 5 whale sharks or more are found, swimming with them is allowed. Otherwise we may experience the sightings from the boat only. (All regulations are dictated by local marine park authorities and apply the same for all Whale Shark tour operators).
Fully-Private Option: Available.

•Maximum number of participants allowed per boat: 10

•Previous snorkeling experience is STRONGLY recommended. (Scuba Diving is not permitted during this activity).

MEETING & DEPARTURE POINT At our marina on ISLA MUJERES. (Private pick-up service may be available for Private Groups at an additional cost + docking fees if applicable). Click here for our location.

DEPOSIT REFUND DUE TO WEATHER Partial or full refunds available for cancellations notified by us due to adverse weather conditions. Rescheduling available whenever possible.

IMPORTANT Participants must be in good health condition.

*Booking in advance is strongly recommended as this is the only way we can guarantee availability and all your tour preferences. Previous snorkeling experience is STRONGLY recommended.

PACKAGES Available starting at a minimum of 3 completed activities. Subject to season and availability.

[ Begin your Journey ]

Approx. 6 - 7 hrs

(Departure from our private dock on Isla Mujeres)

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Whale Shark
Whale Shark
Whale Shark
Whale Shark
Whale Shark
Whale Shark
Whale Shark
Whale Shark
Whale Shark

~6-7 hrs


1,250 USDTotal

~6-7 hrs


125 USDPer person

Gentle Giant Experience

Breath-taking appreciation

for Nature’s magnitude...

9 & Up
  • Full equipment
  • Lunch: Sandwiches (or Mayan grilled fish for an additional $25 USD per person), guacamole and/or ceviche, fruit, water and soft drinks
  • Lockers, washroom and changing room available at our marina
What to bring
  • Towels
  • Swimwear
  • Wetsuits are mandatory and provided by us. (You are welcome to bring your own if you have one. It must be a one-piece suit). No sunscreen allowed in Whale Shark areas (not even biodegradable). *Please consider the use of UV-protective garments instead. Sunblock may be applied on the boat when snorkelling has ended
  • Bottle for drinking water (no PET plastics please). We can provide purified water
    • Thank you for helping us reduce single-use plastics!

COVID-19 Information - For your safety and ours, and in compliance with local, mandatory sanitary measures, the following are currently in effect: hand washing or sanitizing upon arrival, 1.5m. minimum social distancing, and the use of cloth or medical mask at all times (except when switching to a snorkel or dive mask).

Thank you for your cooperation in preventing the spread.


Giovanni / Yelp

This trip exceeded every expectation I had. Pablo is absolutely amazing... We opted for the private (whale shark) tour was more pricey but definitely worth it a once in a life time but had so much fun will definitely be back. Nice boat with shaded area water and drinks provided.

anie / Facebook reviews

We had the most amazing experience with Casa Del Buceo. The booking process was so easy and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Our tour guides were very attentive and really watched over us carefully. That made us feel safe and well taken care of. We will definitely return for another tour next summer!

Ana / Google reviews

Best whale shark tours! Knowledgeable and friendly staff, early starts so you get to the whales first. Everything about the experience was awesome.

Ze Lin X / Yelp

Speechless! Casa Del Buceo had impeccable service from the start. It was recommended to me by a coworker who had an amazing experience with whale shark snorkeling in July 2014. A few friends and I rinsed and repeated the same experience in late July 2015 and it did not fall short.

LuvScuba / TripAdvisor

Swam with the whale sharks on 5 August... The guys of Casa Del Buceo really demonstrated how passionate and protective of these wonderous, beautiful creatures they are. They made sure we were all very familiar with the regulations surrounding the whale sharks.