Every day we are so happy to interact with the natural world that surrounds us on this island. It is sometimes a challenge to make sure we are contributing to a balanced relationship, and that we not only enjoy, but also care for and give back to our environment. It is natural that so many of us find it so healthy and liberating to swim in these beautiful waters, but it doesn’t come without a cost and consequences to the ecosystem, and it is always so much greater to come out of these experiences with a little more consciousness and knowledge. For example....(?) - DID YOU KNOW - (?) that the natural skin oil on our hands can promote fungi growth on corals if contact is made? This is one reason why it’s very important not to touch them. Corals are years and years old...and yet so easily damaged. This is just a single tiny example of a bit of knowledge that can help us be better and help our home. We become powerful when we show respect.



Showing respect in the integration with our natural world is so crucial...we eat from it, we breathe from it, we learn through it, we feel from it. It truly is in our best interest to provide the best care possible. To serve it!... not just take from it.

All the animals feel, corals feel, plants feel.... this is essential. Why would we want to cause them pain in any way? At Casa del Buceo we are not the wisest and sometimes a lack of financial resources can hinder our ability to have more advanced solutions, but we really do make efforts in the ways we can, in order to cause as little damage as possible to the wonderful world that surrounds us. Whenever we can, we go an extra little bit.

Come visit us and feel free to ask us anytime about our initiatives and the ways in which we contribute our grains of sand. But most importantly - tell us YOUR IDEAS! for more respectful, sustainable practices! If there is anything you can share or suggest to help us become more educated or efficient towards our surroundings, PLEASE! contact us! We, humans, are not helpless...we have all the power to help nature! There is ALWAYS something we can do. Right?? YOU can always help. TOGETHER, WE CAN ALWAYS HELP.


In the video below, Pablo touches on the importance of MUSA (the Underwater Sculpture Museum). You can also read more on this initiative [here]


MUSA Inauguration 2010

Before these beautiful sculptures touched the ocean floor for the rest of eternity, our very own Pablo had the privilege to meet them as well as their creator and visionary Jason deCaires Taylor, in dry land and in person!  In this historic event that took place in Cancun, creativity and sustainability were celebrated in a time when the world had slowly started to act towards climate change awareness. CASA DEL BUCEO was also present to witness these timeless sculptures making their entry into the underwater world near Isla Mujeres, for the very first time. We are grateful to have been a part of such a special event!

April 22nd, 2018

We did it - AGAIN! On this Earth Day, CASA DEL BUCEO came together once again to CLEAN UP! Thank you so much to all the special friends who joined selfless forces with us! This time we stayed close to our marina and made sure all trash made its way to the right place.  Every bit of garbage that ends up in our seas can have negative consequences that go well beyond our eyes.  Even better and more efficient than cleaning - is prevention. Dispose of trash in the nearest bin, or an animal in our ocean can become ill.

April 23rd 2017

This Saturday morning with Casa del Buceo: A great on-land experience, for our land & our oceans. Cleaning up, to celebrate Earth Day. Very special thanks to EVERYONE who joined us... to all our friends & Staff. EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY!! Please let’s keep our islands, our homes and our oceans clean, as a sign of respect towards our main Home: our Planet. Thank You!


Brandy / Facebook reviews

Over the past 7 years I have had the pleasure of snorkeling, swimming with whale sharks and taking my first dive here. This is the place to be treated professionally but also like family.

IdahoChick / TripAdvisor

The staff at Casa del Buceo provided an excellent, seamless experience, from booking the trip and paying our deposit online, to giving us directions to their shop, to a truly all-around wonderful afternoon of snorkeling. My husband is very short-sighted without his glasses, and we worried that he wouldn’t be able to see anything, so the owner of the shop lent him (at no extra cost) a mask with magnifying lenses, so that he would be able to see clearly.

Ze Lin X / Yelp

They have the perfect blend of being safety conscious while helping you to enjoy your dive or snorkel to the max.

Ian / Google Reviews

Showed up on a whim and had a great snorkeling trip with my wife and friends. The staff was very helpful with our friend who had a bit of panic and took him to a shallow area to calm him down. From there he was able to join us for the rest of the trip with a new found enjoyment. (It was their first time).

Andrewarmand / TripAdvisor

It was a lot better and more personal than the tour groups we saw with 20+ people in them. These men are very honorable and trustworthy as well. I left my GoPro at their facilities, and they were calling and leaving messages for me to pick it up. Super awesome crew.