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Brandy / Facebook reviews

Over the past 7 years I have had the pleasure of snorkeling, swimming with whale sharks and taking my first dive here. This is the place to be treated professionally but also like family.

IdahoChick / TripAdvisor

The staff at Casa del Buceo provided an excellent, seamless experience, from booking the trip and paying our deposit online, to giving us directions to their shop, to a truly all-around wonderful afternoon of snorkeling. My husband is very short-sighted without his glasses, and we worried that he wouldn’t be able to see anything, so the owner of the shop lent him (at no extra cost) a mask with magnifying lenses, so that he would be able to see clearly.

Ze Lin X / Yelp

They have the perfect blend of being safety conscious while helping you to enjoy your dive or snorkel to the max.

Ian / Google Reviews

Showed up on a whim and had a great snorkeling trip with my wife and friends. The staff was very helpful with our friend who had a bit of panic and took him to a shallow area to calm him down. From there he was able to join us for the rest of the trip with a new found enjoyment. (It was their first time).

Andrewarmand / TripAdvisor

It was a lot better and more personal than the tour groups we saw with 20+ people in them. These men are very honorable and trustworthy as well. I left my GoPro at their facilities, and they were calling and leaving messages for me to pick it up. Super awesome crew.